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Knowledge is power, which is why we provide our customers with webinars that ensure your dealership’s profitability, safety and compliance. Sign up for one of our upcoming events or view an on-demand webinar at your leisure.


Leveraging Integration to make every Connection with Customers Count

Presented by: Robert DeGeorge, VinSolutions Product Consulting & Business Development Manager

Dealerships utilize an average of six or more different technology solutions. Use of multiple non-integrated solutions often result in inefficiencies which negatively impact customer experience and profitability. During this webinar you will learn how integrations between 700Credit and other key technology solutions (CRM, Desking, Digital Retailing, Data Mining) can be leveraged within the dealership to:

  • increase sales with conquest customers
  • decrease costs associated to ...


Making the Most of DriveCentric’s Credit and Compliance Integrations with Credit, Compliance, and Soft-Pull Solutions from 700Credit

Learn how seamless integration between DriveCentric and 700Credit generates increased leads and bigger profits

In today’s turbulent environment it is important for dealers to utilize software platforms that help maximize every opportunity to sell more cars. This is why DriveCentric has partnered with 700Credit to provide the best integrated credit, compliance and prescreen (soft pull) solutions for automotive dealers in the market today.


Soft Credit Pulls & Prequalification: Get your consumers to the finish line faster!

Soft-Pull / Pre-Qualification – these terms are gaining popularity in discussions at dealerships across the country, but what do they mean? How and where can they be used throughout your dealership to help customers to drive away with their new vehicle, quicker?  Why are they so critical in the digital retailing process?

In this session we will:

  • Define soft pulls / prequalification
  • Discuss the places you can use both of them throughout your lead generation, ...