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Physical Driver's License Scanner

Validate the identity of your customer before they take the test drive

Protect your store with the industry’s most advanced data capture and driver’s license authentication solution for automotive retailers today.


ID Drive from 700Credit & eLend Solutions provides dealers with the most comprehensive driver’s license scanning solution for automotive dealers today. This platform combines our prescreen & prequalification platforms, and our suite of Identity Verification tools including Red Flag & Synthetic Fraud detection – giving you access to valuable credit data and protecting you from sophisticated types of fraud at the top of the sales funnel.

How it Works

The customer’s driver’s license is scanned


The customer provides consent to have their ID validated


Once verified (with the same technology used by the Department of Homeland Security) the customer’s information is run through 700Credit’s Identity
Verification & Synthetic ID Fraud tools.

Use a Driver’s License Scan to:


Verify a valid form of identification


Confirm your customer’s identity and run a synthetic fraud check.


Automate soft pulls for instant visibility into credit score and buying power.


Provide an accurate payment quote at the TOP of the sales funnel.


Reduce your sales process by 45-60 minutes.

Identity Verification


The 700Credit Identity Verification and Synthetic ID Fraud have also been integrated in the ID Drive Solution.

Each license scanned is run through Red Flag, ID Match, OFAC & Synthetic ID Fraud checks. Dealers are immediately notified of any inconsistencies and are given the opportunity to clear the issues before proceeding with the sale.

ID Verification table with OFAC, Red Flag, Synthetic ID, and ID Verification Results; all with next steps.

Soft Pull: Prescreen

When enabled 700Credit’s dealer-initiated prescreen soft pull solution is automatically run after the driver’s license scan. Knowing the FICO score allows you to have confident payment conversations at the top of the sales funnel.

Soft Pull: Prequalification

ID Drive has also integrated our consumer-driven prequalification solution with the driver’s license scan solution.

700Credit soft pulls returns the following:

  • Full Credit File (soft pull prequalification only)
  • Summary results including:
  • Live FICO® Score
  • Summary of all the auto trade lines including:
    + Current Monthly Payments
    + Current Interest Rate
    + Remaining Balance
    + Months Remaining on Loan

Get Started with ID Drive Today!

Fill out the form and a 700Credit representative will contact you within 24 hours to get you activated as quickly as possible.


It is very gratifying for Rydell to be supported in business by a reliable system and trustworthy ally when it comes to ID Verifications, Synthetic Identity, Red Flag, and Consumer Alerts in preventing Fraud and Identity theft. This program helps companies like us minimize risk, eliminate losses, upsurge credibility, and at all times ready for Credit Reporting Audit and most important of all always in compliance with the Law.

Maria Saavedra
Rydell Group
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