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Integration Solutions - Prequalify

Web-based solution that turns “just looking” into sold vehicles

Consumer-driven soft-pulls are gaining popularity throughout the automotive, RV, marine and powersports industries. Consumers are jumping on the internet in record numbers to begin their vehicle shopping process – with over 80% starting on their mobile devices. If you have a solution that helps your dealers attract leads online, you should consider consumer prequalification as an integral part of the journey.

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Why prequalify?

Soft pull solutions do not require SSN or DOB and have no effect on the consumer’s credit score. Our soft-pull solutions are a consumer consent-driven approach to receiving unique insights into your customers’ credit score and full credit report while they are shopping online.

The following output formats are supported for data:

  • Summary only XML
  • Full credit file XML
  • Trade Summary Data

Three Product Options

  1. QuickQualify – web-based soft pull that provides consumers with an instant prequalification decision, and dealer receives either a full-file or summary of the credit file, including FICO score. Consumers fill out a short form with name and address to get their results.
  2. QuickScore – web-based soft pull that provides consumers with their TransUnion Vantage credit score and instant prequalification decision. Dealer receives summary of the credit file including Vantage score. Consumers fill out a short form with name and address to get their results.
  3. QuickQualify Integration – for solutions that have their own customer interface, and you just need the soft pull data.


Our Prequalification solution is easily integrated into several types of consumer-facing platforms where customers can quickly be preapproved, without leaving the dealership workflow. Some common integrations today include:

Digital Retailing

Providing complete visibility to a consumer’s FICO Score to ensure accurate payment quotes



Dealership Website

To encourage consumers to get pre-qualified before walking in to the store

Email Marketing

Include a prequalification link in your email campaigns to drive engagement

Live Chat

Allowing agents to push a link during a chat conversation to engage the consumer

In-Store Applications

Tablet and kiosk apps encourage consumer prequalification right from your sales floor

Mobile Dealer App

No matter which soft-pull solution you choose to integrate, your lead manager(s) will receive an instant notification in our accompanying QuickQualify Mobile Dealer App that will include the consumer lead information along with credit score and auto credit profile. Your sales team can click to text or call the shopper back immediately to catch them in the moment. Not to mention the data is automatically added to your CRM.

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