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Is Fraud Jeopardizing Your Dealership’s Profitability?

Presented by Pete MacInnes, CEO of eLEND Solutions

Is Fraud Jeopardizing Your Dealership's Profitability?

700Credit and eLend Solutions invite you to join us for a very important webinar.  In this session we will be sharing the results of an extensive dealership survey conducted by eLEND Solutions in the fall of 2022, which revealed significant increases in dealership identity fraud and losses since the pandemic – with over $1 billion in identity fraud losses in 2022 alone.

Led by Pete MacInnes, CEO of eLend solutions, this session will review:

  • Where fraud is most likely to occur in the sales cycle
  • Common methods used to commit fraud
  • How it impacts dealers’ profitability
  • Provide real-life dealer testimonials on how/where fraud
    hit them
  • Provide insight into some of the solutions on the market today that dealerships need to implement and protect their valuable assets.

There is no one-size fits all approach to detecting and preventing fraud.  Join this webinar to learn more.