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Credit Solutions

Our credit report integrations streamline your customers’ dealership experience

700Credit is the leading provider of credit solutions for the automotive industry.  Our products and services have evolved through the years, as we continually collect feedback from our clients around the country.  Our singular focus on the automotive industry has allowed us to create solutions that are easy to use and best fit the needs of our dealer clients.

Score Summary Dashboard

Our Score Summary Dashboard provides a single, graphical view of each of the credit bureaus and scores they pull, without having to scroll through each report for this information.

The Score Summary dashboard is available for all credit report formats and all of our integration partner systems, including RouteOne customers using HTML format.

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FICO Scores

Lenders use FICO scores to statistically rate the likelihood that a consumer will pay the requested loan. Dealers use FICO scores to match applicants with the appropriate lender and program. 700Credit offers ALL FICO scores available, i.e., standard bankruptcy, auto motive enhanced, classic scores, and next generation scores.


VantageScore was founded in 2006 by the three national credit reporting companies (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion) to provide competition in the market, to develop highly accurate credit scoring models, and to reliably score more consumers so that they can gain access to mainstream credit. Since then, VantageScore has launched 4 models. We support Vantage 3.0 and 4.0 for Experian and TransUnion and 4.0 for Equifax.

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