About 700Credit

700Credit focuses on delivering the most robust, bureau-inclusive credit, compliance, prescreen and consumer pre-qualification solutions in the automotive market today. We strive to provide our clients with the highest quality data in a wholly compliant framework.

700Credit began in 2000 providing credit reports to a small group of automotive dealerships in California and Florida. Today, our organization has grown to one of the largest credit report and compliance vendors in the automotive market. We offer a suite of value-added services to over 12,000 automotive dealers nationwide. At 700Credit, we take compliance VERY seriously.  We will not play “fast and loose” with the regulations, taking our strict lead from the credit bureaus.  We maintain close working relationships with all three bureaus:  when compliance and/or regulations change we know about it immediately and make the required changes and updates in our solutions. We have the most complete and secure options in the industry with a proven track record of performance and customer excellence to satisfy each of our partners’ needs for today and for the future.

Our Rapidly Growing Company

Happy business team 700Credit is the largest provider of credit and compliance solutions to automotive today, placing us at the lowest costs tiers with the bureaus, with the ability to pass that savings on to our dealers. As we have grown, we have carefully selected specific products and services that enhance our core, credit report business. Consistently, we strive to meet our goal to create additional value for our clients by streamlining their work flow to help maximize their opportunity for growth. While many resellers of prescreen/soft pull products have chosen one or two bureaus to resell or one or two consumer solutions to offer, 700Credit offers integration with all 3 bureaus, along with multiple consumer-facing solutions, for the most complete coverage of any vendor in the market today. Our client onboarding process is “best in class” in the industry.  In as little as 48 hours, dealers will be up and running with any of our solutions. Our client support lines are answered by a live person, 24/7/365.

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