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Integration Solutions - Digital Retailing

Provide personalized monthly-payments without a customer stepping foot in the store

Digital Retailing platforms are built to simplify the online customer shopping experience, helping dealers close more deals from your virtual store. An integral part of this process is to provide the consumer with an accurate, personalized monthly payment for a loan or lease. Our soft-pull solutions require only name and address – no SSN or DOB required – providing dealers with a FICO score and full credit report so automated decisions can be made on available interest rates and monthly payments, eliminating any deal friction at close.

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Simple & Trusted

Our consumer prequalification solution is used today in dozens of name-brand digital retailing platforms to ensure a smooth and seamless digital retail experience for consumers.

If you are interested in integrating a soft-pull solution with your Digital Retailing platform, please email:, or call: (866) 273-3848.