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Maximize a “Credit First” Approach with Prescreen

Maximize a "Credit First" Approach with Prescreen throughout the Customer Journey within your CRM, Desking and Service Lane

Managing credit upfront creates more opportunities to influence positive customer experiences. Accessing credit information at the top of the funnel guarantees a quicker, smoother, and more accurate process that can improve profits, closing percentages, and CSI scores.

Knowledge is power, and precise information leads to a better understanding of your data. The information collected from credit reports is your dealership’s best data and will drive a better closing process for your team and customers.

In this webinar, Charles McDonald, AutoAlert’s Marketing Communications Manager, will discuss how incorporating soft credit pulls earlier in your customer’s purchase journey enhances the process before, during, and after – driving revenue, greater loyalty, and retention.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Explore the benefits of a data-driven tool that allows your dealership to easily manage your data and highlight your daily best opportunities.
  2. Build a service drive process introducing soft credit pulls into the customer profile.
  3. Create strategies to drive the best customers to the service drive and meet top objectives.
  4. Increase service to sales, vehicle acquisition, service loyalty, and customer satisfaction.