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Quick Prospect Renewal

Monitor your customers’ credit file activity to identify immediate sales opportunities.

Quick Prospect Renewal utilizes your CRM and DMS platforms to determine precisely when your customers are in-market and ready to buy. As relevant credit file activities are identified, dealers receive instant notification of the opportunity and an automated marketing message is triggered.

Quick Prospect Renewal monitors your customer activity to identify:

  • Customers who are actively in the market to make a purchase.
  • Individuals with limited/emerging credit history or who were previously denied financing.
  • Interest rate reduction opportunities for trade in / trade up
  • Customers with high equity available for a trade in
  • Shoppers whose credit history includes bankruptcy filings and/or discharges.
  • Individuals whose current leases are up for renewal.


Repeat customers are those that have
bought/serviced a car from you prior – making them the best target audience.


Custom messages based on buckets monitored – sending the right message at the right time.


Market to individuals who have done business with you in the past but chose not to return.


Monthly matchback reports, zip code analysis, and sold customers –helping you target the right audiences and eliminate wasted advertising dollars.

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