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Prequalification - QuickQualify

Web-based solutions that turn “just looking” into sold vehicles

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QuickQualify is a powerful “call-to-action” for your dealership website. This application requires only the consumer’s name and address (no SSN or DOB) and provides dealers with a FICO score and full credit report. Your sales team will be empowered with the data they need to discuss qualified payment options based on current lender rates.

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OEM Certified by:

700Credit is OEM Certified by Audi and Stellantis.
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Data provided includes:

  • FICO Score
  • Available Revolving Credit
  • Auto Inquiries last 30 days
  • Summary of Auto Trade Lines including:
    • Current Monthly Payments
    • Current Auto Loan Interest Rates
    • Remaining Balance/Payoff Payment History
    • Months Remaining on Auto Loans

Dealers receive a text message, email and a notification in the Mobile Dealer App that contains the customer information and access to their full credit file. The lead is also pushed into the dealer’s CRM.

Click to see a full Experian report

Click to see a full Equifax report

Click to see a full Transunion report

With our QuickQualify soft-pull solution, closing conversations can be done earlier in the sales cycle, helping you to close deals, faster.

Credit Report and Prequalification Report

How it Works

The QuickQualify lead form is short and simple. An engaging video plays when the form is open, explaining the value of getting prequalified making it much more likely that your customers will complete the form.

Consumers receive an immediate response if they are pre-qualified and can be emailed a certificate they can print and bring to the dealership.

Dealers have the option of using our video and lead form or they can integrate their own custom landing page.

Once consumers complete the QuickQualify lead from their laptop or mobile device, dealers receive the lead immediately through:

  • QuickQualify Mobile App
  • Text & Email notifications
  • Lead information is stored in their CRM



QuickQualify Form Process Graphic

What our Customers are Saying


We have seen great success with QuickQualify. The automatic nature has improved our overall process, resulting in more units sold, as well as time saved. We don’t have to work on a deal that we know is not going to happen! The product is super simple to use and we enjoy it.

Morgan Haigler
Finance Manager
Carbon Emery RV

We use QuickQualify primarily on our website and have been able to find and pursue quality leads with the information we receive with each application. I have found it very beneficial to have an applicant’s full credit report, auto tradeline summary, and credit score with each QuickQualify lead. That way we can gauge how we can best serve that individual before we even get them on the phone or into our store.

John Bradly
Finance Manager
Legacy RV

Three Key Benefits of QuickQualify

Drive More Qualified Leads

With no need to enter personal information, consumers are much more likely to fill out the form, providing more qualified leads from your website.

Instantly appends auto credit data to your CRM, making it easy to access.

Gain Visibility Into Creditworthiness

Understand the credit history of your internet leads before they even walk into the store.

Prioritize leads better based on their credit profile.

Hold Deal Gross & Sell More Cars

Improve closing ratios by putting the right person in the right car and finance product at the beginning of the sales process.


Our prequalification solution is easily integrated into several types of consumer-facing platforms where customers can quickly be prequalified, without leaving the dealership workflow.

Some common integrations today include:

Digital Retailing
Providing complete visibility to a consumer’s FICO Score to ensure accurate payment quotes

Dealership Website
To encourage consumers to get pre-qualified before walking in to the store

Email Marketing
Include a prequalification link in your email campaigns to drive engagement

Live Chat
Allowing agents to push a link during a chat conversation to engage the consumer

In-Store Applications
Tablet and kiosk apps encourage consumer prequalification right from your sales floor

Now featuring Experian BoostTM

700Credit is excited to offer Experian BoostTM (at no additional cost!) to all QuickQualify customers who are using Experian to pull credit. This exciting new tool, from one of the leading lenders in the market, can give your thin file customers that extra push they may need to feel confident when visiting your dealership.

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