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Credit Report Solutions

700Credit gives you access to all three credit bureaus from one simple interface

700Credit is the largest authorized reseller of credit reports from Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. Credit reports contain information from credit grantors, courts, and collection agencies regarding the historical loans by the consumer. They also include Scores (FICO® and Vantage), and public records such as judgments, liens, and bankruptcies.

HTML Credit Report

Our HTML Credit Report is the first step required to start helping your dealership better understand the customers you work with. It provides a clear, easy to understand look at valuable credit file information that can identify open trade lines, confirm identification information and provide a FICO® score.



HTML Credit report with score summary from three bureaus at the top of the report

Additional Credit Report Examples

We also provide access to several other types of credit report formats as shown below. Contact us today to start pulling credit with 700Credit.

Score Summary Dashboard

Our Score Summary Dashboard provides a single, graphical view of each of the credit bureaus and scores they pull, without having to scroll through each report for this information.

The Score Summary dashboard is available for all credit report formats and all of our integration partner systems, including RouteOne customers using HTML format.

Graphic with credit scores and a dial for each bureau, showing the score quality on a spectrum from red to green.
Example 700Credit Auto Summary which details bank accounts used, balance due, monthly pay, interest rates, and payment pattern

Auto Summary

We are pleased to have the first automotive profile summary designed exclusively for the industry. Our summary provides a quick snapshot of all auto-specific information contained in the credit report.

700Credit Summary

The 700Credit Summary helps analyze the most significant factors in a consumer’s credit file. This powerful tool contains many key calculations from the credit profile giving you a picture of the consumer’s debt, monthly obligations and payment history. Also, users are alerted to derogatory items like public records, number of collection accounts, number of derogatory accounts and more.

Score Summary Image
fico logo

FICO Scores

Lenders use FICO Scores to statistically rate the likelihood that a consumer will pay the requested loan. Dealers use FICO Scores to match applicants with the appropriate lender and program. 700Credit offers ALL FICO Scores available, i.e., standard bankruptcy, auto-motive enhanced, classic scores, and next generation scores.


VantageScore was founded in 2006 by the three national credit reporting companies (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion) to provide competition in the market, to develop highly accurate credit scoring models, and to reliably score more consumers so that they can gain access to mainstream credit. Since then, VantageScore has launched 4 models. We support Vantage 3.0 and 4.0 for Experian and TransUnion and 4.0 for Equifax.

VantageScore Logo

What our Customers are Saying


700Credit gives us all the tools we need at the dealership for credit and compliance, with clear reporting and integration with our CRM system. We have always had good service with 700Credit. They are responsive and quick to adapt to new rules and regulations. 5 stars!

Donald Frey
Internet Director/Sales Manager
Audi Seattle

Ready to see the whole credit picture?

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We have been using 700Credit’s QuickQualify, QuickApplication, and QuickScreen tools for over three months now and love having so many helpful tools at our fingertips! We have been very happy with our decision to use 700Credit and highly recommend other dealers consider utilizing them as well!

John Bradly
Finance Manager
Legacy RV
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