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Knowledge is power, which is why we provide our customers with webinars that ensure your dealership’s profitability, safety and compliance. Sign up for one of our upcoming events or view an on-demand webinar at your leisure.

Soft-Pull / Pre-Qualification – these terms are gaining popularity in discussions at dealerships across the country, but what do they mean? How and where can they be used throughout your dealership to help customers to drive away with their new vehicle, quicker?  Why are they so critical in the digital retailing process?

In this session we will:

  • What are soft pulls / prequalification?
  • Discuss the places you can use both of them throughout your lead generation, sales and service processes
  • Demonstrate how are they used to drive leads and sales
  • Show how they can be utilized in your digital retailing solution and what are the benefits to your dealership.

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Creating Win-Win Service: Drive Sales Using Prescreens

Presented by: Greg Becker, Vice-President of Product, AutoAlert

Dealership teams are often reluctant to approach service customers about upgrading. Why? Because without the right information, the conversation can be very awkward. Prescreens help remove any awkwardness and create sales opportunities that both your team and your customers (sold and conquest) will be excited about. In this webinar, you will learn best practices to master the process.


Are you Ready for your Credit Reporting Compliance Audit?

Presented by Ken Hill, Managing Director of 700Credit

Is your dealership’s compliance program ready for a government audit? What must your dealership have in place for Red Flag, Adverse Action and RBPN? Laws and regulations change rapidly, making it difficult to stay on top of your dealership’s compliance obligations. And yet the cost of shirkingthis responsibility is high – you really have no choice. In this session, we will review your obligations, so you are ready for your next audit!


Identity Verification – What you should be doing NOW to protect your dealership – and your customers!

Speaker: Ken Hill, Managing Director, 700Credit

During these “self isolating” times, consumers are spending more time shopping online than ever before. Unfortunately reports of fraud are on the rise as well and dealerships need to be vigilant. Do you have the right tools in place to keep your store – and your customers – safe? Identity Verification tools provide a vital service by issuing warnings about your customers that appear to be genuine on the surface but in reality, may be questionable. Synthetic Fraud ID, Red Flag, OFAC, a ...

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