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Verify a customer’s driver’s license and identity in minutes, before they step into the store.

One small step for your customer, one big step for your security

There is a blind spot in your digital retail process: verifying your customer’s identity. Each time an online customer completes a QuickScan, you will be confident that you are working with the person your customer says they are – without putting Non-Public Information (NPI) on your team’s devices.

Each driver’s license scan checks:

  • Driver’s License/Document Verification
  • Selfie Verification/Liveliness Detection
  • Front/Back Driver’s License Validation
  • Device Verification
  • Synthetic ID Fraud Detection
  • Identity Verification Check, Red Flags, OFAC

Are you looking for added security on your digital deals?

QuickScan can help

Stopping fraud shouldn’t be hard – so QuickScan isn’t.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You begin the QuickScan process by sending your customer a SMS link directly to their mobile device.
  1. Your customer takes images of the front and back of their document, along with a selfie and submits those for processing.
  1. Within seconds their documents and selfie are run through powerful liveness detection, identity verification, and synthetic fraud tools – giving you a result you can trust.

Benefits of QuickScan:

  • Validate the identity of your customer at the top of the sales funnel
  • Understand who your customer is before inviting them to the store
  • Scanning both the front and back of the DL provides all data needed to validate the document
  • QuickScan takes the NPI out of the hands (and off the mobile devices) of your salespeople and stores it in a secure environment.

Instant results for your team

QuickScan results are available immediately for users of as well as the 700Credit mobile app.


Where QuickScan fits into your workflow

QuickScan is easily integrated into several types of consumer interaction points and provides the same high level of security no matter where you use it.

Digital Retailing Tools

QuickScan allows you to connect with customers in your digital retailing platform. Completing an identity verification early in the sales cycle helps detect fraud.

Live Chat

Have a customer who would like to schedule a test drive from your chat platform? QuickScan enables your dealership to be prepared for the test drive – giving you the documentation and verification you need to verify they are a real person.

Following up with Soft Pull Leads

Complete the picture on a soft pull lead by verifying the customer’s identity before you pick up the phone.

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