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QuickMobile Dealer App

Soft-pull information at your fingertips

The 700Credit consumer pre-qualification solutions are web-based platforms that drive consumer interest and engagement from dealer websites, providing a full credit report and FICO score without requiring a SSN or DOB.

The QuickMobile App is specifically designed for easier management of a dealership’s soft-pull leads generated by the following family of products:

  • QuickQualify
  • QuickScan
  • QuickQualify Integration Platforms
  • Digital Retail Partners

Dealers who use any of these solutions at their store are immediately alerted on the QuickMobile App when new leads are submitted and can view the customer information quickly and conveniently from their mobile device!

Log in page for 700Credit mobile app viewed on a smartphone

QuickMobile Benefits

Download Today!

The 700Credit QuickMobile Dealer App is available for both mobile phone (iOS & Android) and tablet formats. It is offered at no charge and can be downloaded from the Apple and Android App Stores by searching for “700Credit” or by scanning the QR Code to the right.

Each format includes a secure login screen for a safe and easy access to all your pre-qualified applicants. Installing the app does require your correct email address or cell phone be setup on your account to verify your user id. Please contact our support team if assistance is required: (866) 273-3848.

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