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Learn how seamless integration between DriveCentric and 700Credit generates increased leads and bigger profits

In today’s turbulent environment it is important for dealers to utilize software platforms that help maximize every opportunity to sell more cars. This is why DriveCentric has partnered with 700Credit to provide the best integrated credit, compliance and prescreen (soft pull) solutions for automotive dealers in the market today.  

We are offering two opportunities to attend.
February 2nd @ 11:00am and February 4th @ 2:00pm. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Ken Hill, Managing Director of 700Credit, has over 25 years experience in the credit industry, and is the Managing Director for700Credit. He is responsible for overseeing all areas of the business including: business development, training, product development, sales, marketing, and information technology. Prior to joining 700Credit, Ken was the President of MicroBilt – a pioneer in credit, alternative credit, and risk management – for seven years. Ken began his career creating computer programming communications, scoring, and analysis that utilize credit bureau data. He is a graduate of the State University of New York at Fredonia, NY, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, and a Minor in Mathematics.

Past Webinars

Presented by: Robert DeGeorge, VinSolutions Product Consulting & Business Development Manager

Description: Dealerships utilize an average of six or more different technology solutions. Use of multiple non-integrated solutions often result in inefficiencies which negatively impact customer experience and profitability. During this webinar you will learn how integrations between 700Credit and other key technology solutions (CRM, Desking, Digital Retailing, Data Mining) can be leveraged within the dealership to:

  • increase sales with conquest customers
  • decrease costs associated to inventory acquisition
  • streamline digital retailing
  • minimize lost sales opportunities
  • strengthen customer retention
  • raise customer satisfaction

Presented by: Hayley Holmes, Product Planning Manager, Reynolds and Reynolds Prescreen data has been used for years in the credit card and mortgage industries to pre-approve customers for credit and has been gaining popularity in the automotive retail space over the past five years. During this session, Hayley will review the importance, benefits, and results of running prescreens throughout the lead generation, sales and service processes, providing real-life examples of dealers successfully using prescreens to sell more cars.

Presented by:  Greg Becker, Vice-President of Product, AutoAlert Dealership teams are often reluctant to approach service customers about upgrading. Why? Because without the right information, the conversation can be very awkward. Prescreens help remove any awkwardness and create sales opportunities that both your team and your customers (sold and conquest) will be excited about. In this webinar, you will learn best practices to master the process.

Presented by Ken Hill, Managing Director of 700Credit Is your dealership’s compliance program ready for a government audit? What must your dealership have in place for Red Flag, Adverse Action and RBPN? Laws and regulations change rapidly, making it difficult to stay on top of your dealership’s compliance obligations. And yet the cost of shirkingthis responsibility is high – you really have no choice. In this session, we will review your obligations, so you are ready for your next audit!

Speaker:  Ken Hill, Managing Director, 700Credit During these “self isolating” times, consumers are spending more time shopping online than ever before. Unfortunately reports of fraud are on the rise as well and dealerships need to be vigilant. Do you have the right tools in place to keep your store – and your customers – safe? Identity Verification tools provide a vital service by issuing warnings about your customers that appear to be genuine on the surface but in reality, may be questionable. Synthetic Fraud ID, Red Flag, OFAC, and ID Verification alerts all identify patterns, practices or specific activities that indicate something is amiss – or worth digging in to for further verification before you complete the transaction. These warning messages focus on high-risk applicants, social security numbers, driver’s licenses and addresses. In this session, we will review the tools that are available to protect your dealership, and ensure you are in compliance with the law.

Speaker:  Ken Hill, Managing Director, 700Credit The industry is reporting dealership website traffic is remaining steady as consumers are turning to online shopping while they are quarantined at home. Join our Webinar and see how dealers are using Soft Pulls:

  • In web-based solutions to capture consumers who are spending more time on their laptops shopping for vehicles
  • In the service lane to identify vehicles that are in a good position for trade-in
  • In social media applications to maximize exposure to the brand

Guest Speaker:  Tim Cox, SVP of Sales, CarNow The big buzz phrase in automotive right now is “digital retailing”. OEMs and dealers alike are trying to navigate this new world.   We will be sharing a clear road map of how digital retailing is working in some of the most successful dealerships in the country. We will cover how exemplary digital retailing service and a definitive direction differentiates the dealer from his /her competitor.  We will then discuss how the F&I process actually improved for dealers who feared they might lose their only profit center by putting the retail process online.

Guest Speaker: Pete MacInnis, Founder and CEO of eLend Solutions Digital retailing is all about deal generation, not lead generation.  It is the start of the deal.   With online retail tools, the combination of technology and data are enabling the dealer and the customer to come together much faster.   Today, most digital retailing platforms and tools are often returning unqualified payment terms that establish unrealistic expectations.  The misleading information perpetuates stereotypes and ultimately creates more skepticism and unavoidable conflict when the terms cannot be honored in-store.  When pricing doesn’t match and payments don’t match, you’ve lost that customer. In this webinar, we will explore how advanced digital finance technologies can provide shoppers with qualified, penny-perfect payment terms, matched to actual dealer lender programs – online or before the handoff to F&I in the dealership.  And most importantly, we will discuss the positive impacts these technologies can have on finance penetration, sales, profitability and CSI.

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