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Educational Webinar Series

Is your dealership’s compliance program ready for a government audit? What must your dealership have in place for Red Flag, Adverse Action and RBPN? Laws and regulations change rapidly, making it difficult to stay on top of your dealership’s compliance obligations. And yet the cost of shirking this responsibility is high – you really have no choice. In this session, we will review your obligations, so you are ready for your next audit! September 10 at 11 AM EST and September 12 at 2 PM EST

Digital Retailing Webinar Series

Guest Speaker: Tarry Shebesta – Co-Founder and CEO of truPayments, LLC., a FinTech company providing monthly payment calculation and credit decisioning solutions to automotive retailers, lenders and OEMs. Digital Retailing is one of the hottest technology topics in the auto industry right now. Where does FinTech fit in to the online path-to-purchase? In this session Tarry will dive into the two Digital Retailing paths: Credit First vs Credit Last. Topics covered include: How do the two paths compare? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? The consumer experience factor, and how OEMs are affecting the process. Attendees will gain an extensive understanding of how critical customer credit plays and where in the Digital Retailing sales process does it have the most impact. Dealers, OEMs, lenders, credit bureaus, and technology providers are all jockeying for a winning position. Place your bets and get ready for a spirited interactive discussion. October 8 at 11 AM EST and October 10 at 2 PM EST

Guest Speaker: Pete MacInnes, eLend Solutions Digital Retailing has great promise. But is it really delivering? Buying a car online is not as easy as buying a toaster on Amazon. You can’t trade in your old one, and Finance is not in the equation. Retail Automotive is way more complex than that! In a recent ELend survey, 87% of Auto Dealers agreed that online payment calculators and self-help desking tools are quoting inaccurate or unrealistic payment terms. In this webinar, we will explore why it is imperative to provide consumers, real qualified payment terms, matched to actual dealer lender programs at the front of the sales process, whether online or instore. We will discuss how Digital Finance will: Enable a frictionless and transparent process for consumers. Help Auto Dealers sell more cars in less time with increased profits. Improve efficiencies for Auto Lenders as well. November 12 at 11 AM EST and November 14 at 2 PM EST

Guest Speaker: Bill Liatsis, CEO CreditIQ As part of the path of success, it is important for the dealership to minimize the surprises that can happen before AND after the sale. While payments can be quoted to customers and approvals returned, part of implementing a ‘single platform’ solution is making sure that platform can get your deal bought without the surprise of a chargeback, and without having to go back to your customer to re-verify, add stipulations, or get the car. Layering on top of the great research coming out of Cox Auto, eLend and others, the issues of payment inaccuracy are compounded by issues in customer verifications. In this session we will discuss how your sales process should include:

  • A clean and clear verification process with maximum automation
  • New tools to simplify what’s needed to be collected
  • A strong compliance framework to track all purchases

December 10 at 11 AM EST and December 12 at 2 PM EST

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