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QuickScreen Overview

700Credit prescreen data expands the number of customers for whom quotes can be provided in the service lane by filling in the gaps on customers who did not purchase the vehicle at the store.

QuickScreen is a soft pull solution that does not require a customer’s SSN or DOB, and does not affect their credit score. QuickScreen integration with XtreamService provides the following insights into the customer’s credit profile:

  • FICO Score
  • Available Revolving Credit
  • Auto Inquiries last 30 days
  • Summary of Auto Trade Lines Including:
    • Current Monthly Payment
    • Current Auto Loan Interest Rate
    • Original Loan Term
    • # of Late Payments
    • Remaining Balance, Term and Estimated Payoff

Benefits of Prescreen Integration:

  • Integrating a prescreen solution in the service lane provides visibility into customers’ equity position and FICO score without posting a hard inquiry on their credit file.
  • Expand your SERVICE LANE sales opportunities by filling in the gaps on customers who did not purchase the vehicle at your store resulting in net new customers.
  • Prescreen data provides amount owed and the customer’s FICO score, enabling equity and payment estimates to be calculated accurately so a valid offer can be made.

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