At Butler Automotive Group, our 14 stores have been working with 700Credit for the past few years and are very satisfied with the excellent customer service, support, and valuable products we use.

With the help of our Client Success Manager, we analyzed our group’s volume and found that every store was running 3 bureaus on each application, which I found to be completely unnecessary and expensive.  Implementing the QuickScreen tool and working a new soft pull first approach into our process was game changing.  The QuickScreen tool has allowed my desk managers to have quick and accurate insight into a customer’s credit and tradeline information.  This information has given them the advantage of strategically selecting the bureau to use and the direction to go with that applicant.  Outside of the showroom, we have been able to use this product to prescreen inbound leads, data mine our CRM and generate leads from our service lane.

The QuickScreen integration with our Elead platform has actually saved our group money and made our process more efficient and effective.