We have been using 700Credit’s QuickQualify, QuickApplication, and QuickScreen tools for over three months now and love having so many helpful tools at our fingertips! We use QuickQualify and QuickApplication primarily on our website and have been able to find and pursue quality leads with the information we receive with each application. I have found it very beneficial to have an applicant’s full credit report, auto tradeline summary, and credit score with each QuickQualify lead. That way we can gauge how we can best serve that individual before we even get them on the phone or into our store. The QuickApplication has saved us tons of time with the full Finance Application filled out and attached to the lead notification. With those leads, I can review their employment, income and distinguish which customers should be contacted. The ability to have access to both applications on our website, along with the QuickScreen tool has given me the ability to pre-screen every customer regardless of if they found us online or walked in off the street. I can do a soft pull and vet the customer before affecting their credit score with a hard inquiry. We have been very happy with our decision to use 700Credit’s QuickQualify, QuickApplication, and QuickScreen and highly recommend other dealers consider utilizing them as well!