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Audi Certified Vendor

AUDI DEALERS:  To enroll in the 700Credit services, click here:

700Credit’s web-based finance application (QuickApplication) and our soft pull prequalification platform (QuickQualify) are now available for purchase through the Audi Certified Provider Program which is designed to help retailers easily and efficiently leverage best-in-class digital solutions for sales and aftersales.

Benefits of being part of the Audi Certified Vendor program include:

› Flexible offerings that are auto submitted for co-op reimbursement for you

› No long-term contract requirements (30-day cancellation policy)

› Unified analytics and reporting, with ability to compare to Top 10% of Audi network

› Ability to “Shop by Product” or “Shop by Provider” for services including Digital Retailing, Digital Advertising, Video Lead Response, Chat Tools, and more.

Add Call-to-Action Banners to your Website

To view the custom Audi buttons and banners for your website CLICK HERE

Web-Based Finance Application

The 2022 FTC Safeguards Rule requires strict security measures for capturing and storing sensitive consumer data and discourages the use of paper credit applications. 700Credit’s web-based finance application (QuickApplication) is captured electronically and stored in our secure servers to ensure compliance with the Rule.

  • Applications can be automatically pushed to Dealertrack, RouteOne and CUDL, and are available in the portal.
  • Automatically emails risk-based pricing notices, as well as adverse action letters for those who fail to receive financing.
  • Mobile-friendly, and more than 200 fields available for customization to meet your minimum requirements.
  • Consumer credit data stored securely in the 700Dealer customer portal for easy access and audit capabilities.
  • Applications can be automated placed in your electronic deal jacket.

Web-based Prequalification/Soft Pull Platform (QuickQualify)

The 700Credit web-based prequalification platform is designed to drive qualified sales leads from your website to your showroom, at the top of the sales funnel. “Get Prequalified” is the #1 performing call to action that you can add to your web site.  The prequalification web form requires only the consumer’s name and address (no SSN or DoB), removing customer friction and provides your dealership with a FICO® score and full credit report. Your sales team will be empowered with the data they need to discuss qualified payment options based on current lender rates.

With every prequalified lead submitted, dealers receive:

  • FICO® Score
  • Full Credit Report
  • Summary of Auto Trade Lines including:
    • Current Monthly Payments
    • Current Auto Loan Interest Rates
    • Remaining Balance/Payoff Payment History
    • Months Remaining on Auto Loans

Once consumers complete the QuickQualify lead from their laptop or mobile device, dealers receive the lead immediately:

  • In the portal
  • On the QuickQualify Mobile App
  • Through text & email notifications
  • In your CRM
  • Will automatically be sent to the “Unite Connect Lead Management System”

Why partner with 700Credit?

Easiest, most automated credit and compliance workflow in the industry

Access to all three bureaus

One-stop to monitor and manage your compliance obligations

24/7/365 Support Desk

Questions? Call us at (866) 273-3848 or email