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Prescreen Integration

The 700Credit QuickScreen prescreen solution has been integrated seamlessly in multiple locations throughout the VinSolutions customer journey including:

  • Service Lane
  • CRM
  • Desking

Download the Prescreen Integration Sales Sheet

Benefits of Prescreen Integration:

  • Expand your dealership’s SERVICE LANE sales opportunities, by filling in the gaps on customers who did not purchase the vehicle at your store. Prescreen data provides amount owed on the vehicle which allows equity and payment estimates to be calculated accurately
  • Allows you to work the right deal to get the consumer in a car with a payment they can afford and with the proper interest rate
  • Customers know they are qualified before they get to the finance office, preventing a potentially uncomfortable situation or loss of interest
  • Saves time by shortening the sales cycle aligning the consumer with a car they can afford – and be approved for

Credit & Compliance Solutions

700Credit is seamlessly integrated with the Customer Dashboard platform. Dealers can seamlessly pull credit reports and receive:

  • Identity Verification Table
  • Tabs for each credit report pulled
  • Tabs for Compliance requirements:
    • Adverse Action
    • RPBN
    • Link to Compliance Dashboard

Download the Credit Report Integration Sales Sheet

Power Forms

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