Atul Patel – COO and Co-Founder of Orbee Auto 

In this session, we examine the importance of interactions within a credit application such as the products offered by 700Credit and how it can benefit your automotive dealership’s marketing efforts by utilizing the car buyer signals for more personalized advertising while staying within the legal boundaries of FCRA, TCPA, and other privacy regulations. Together, Orbee Auto and Florida Fine Cars discuss the dynamic changes of today’s modern online digital advertising and commerce experience and explore best practices and illustrate real-life examples of how putting analytics together with applications like 700Credit can let your auto dealership harness the power to personally market to car buyers and deliver better results.

The importance of utilizing first-party data that is being created through the interactions with forms and widgets on the dealership site. This includes how to build robust shopper profiles, customize targeted marketing messages, and give the car shopper a more personalized experience. We will be giving real-life examples of how Florida Fine Cars utilizes the Orbee Auto and 700Credit integration to achieve these goals.

About Atul Patel 

Atul Patel is the COO and Co-Founder of Orbee Auto, the first marketing cloud built for automotive dealerships. Atul has over 18 years of experience in data-centric sales and advertising automation and leads the product, operations, and strategy to bring the most powerful marketing capabilities to every auto dealership in one fully-integrated system. He was the founder and CEO of OneScreen (acquired), a digital video syndication platform that utilized its media graph to match advertisers, content owners and publishers; Co-Founder of OptimalSocial (acquired) which utilizes Facebook’s open graph to optimize social advertising; Co-Founder and Co-Inventor of Jornaya (fka LeadiD) which employs a blockchain-like audit trail to leads and is used by most major lead buyers for TCPA compliance; and Co-Founded LeadROI, a lead management platform used by mortgage brokers and banks.