Eric Schlesinger – Vice President of Revenue, ActivEngage

Are you currently using a form of messaging on your website, Facebook Marketplace listings, SMS, Google Business?  Are you allowing your customers to take full advantage of messaging as a platform or just a lead capture place?  Is messaging on your digital footprint able to take the place of your phone? It should! 

If you are not using live chat, text, messaging you should be, but not all managed services and platforms are the same!   Technology is evolving at a fast pace as we try to keep up with the next generation car shopper: MILLENIALS.  We will discuss where we see messaging going and how you can get in front of this direction TODAY.  We will show you how soft-pulls can supersize your chat efforts and give you real-world examples of where chat/soft-pull combination has increased car sales and reduced sales cycles.  Is there room for Bots and AI or is the human factor still important?  People buy cars from people and not technology.  It is still the largest emotional purchase that we make and this experience is not going to be replaced anytime soon with AI and Bots. 

As the most trusted brand in Automotive Messaging, ActivEngage works hard to help humanize the internet.  We look forward to having your join our session.

About Eric Schlesinger

Eric has over 27 years of Automotive Retail and Vendor expertise. He grew up within the Sloane Automotive Group in Philadelphia. He started the Internet department at Sloane in 1996 and grew it into one of the most successful and recognized Internet sales departments in the country. As the Director of Sales and eCommerce for the Sloane Automotive Group, Eric helped the group achieve titles of Largest Honda Retail Store and Largest Retailer of Toyota’s in the state. Eric also previously held positions at IzmoCars as the first Regional Director of Sales and then Vice President of Sales in 2009. Eric has been at ActivEngage since 2010.