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Text2Qualify & Text4Score

Prequalification is one text away!

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Text2Qualify and Text4Score enables website shoppers to text a keyword to a toll-free number and receive a link to the dealer’s QuickQualify or QuickScore lead form. Applicants can complete/submit the form on their mobile device and get instantly prequalified for a loan.Text2Qualify™ is an SMS service offered for dealers who use QuickQualify – our web-based consumer prequalification platform.

How it Works

When dealers enroll in the Text2Qualify or Text4Score service, they are assigned a unique keyword. Dealers can then use this keyword to place call-to-action banners on their website.


When applicants text the keyword to the phone number provided, they will receive an SMS message that includes a link to the dealer’s prequalification form allowing the consumer to start the process.

consumer view of mobile app notice to get prequalification score

SMS messages received are tracked on the 700Credit Compliance Dashboard in the QQ/QA Analytics section. This will show dealers how many of their QQ leads were the result of the SMS service (At this time we are not able to tie the SMS received to a completed QQ or QQS).

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