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September Edition
  1. Product Spotlight: Equifax Full File now Available for QuickQualify
  2. Feature Spotlights:
    1. Credit Report Pulled after Red Flags Cleared
    2. New Mobile App Feature: Email Pre-Approval Certificate to Applicant
  3. Vendor Spotlight: 700Credit Partners with VinSolutions to Provide Integrated Prescreen Solutions
  4. Where to Find us Next: NIADA/NABD Virtual Conference

Ken Hill, Managing Director of 700Credit discusses new products, features and a new partnership in this edition of our newsletter. Click on the “play” icon to view the short video.


QuickQualify is our web-based pre-qualification solution that drives higher consumer engagement – and high quality leads – without requiring a SSN or DOB. QuickQualify provides unique insights into your customers’ credit profile – before they walk into your dealership!

Our QuickQualify platform today provides both a credit file summary in addition to a full credit report from TransUnion and
Experian. We are now offering a full credit report from Equifax. The new Equifax solution does not require consumers to answer Out of Wallet questions reducing friction. 

If you are a current Equifax customer and would like to add a full file to your current QuickQualify implementation, please email: or call: 866-273-3848.

To learn more about our QuickQualify platform –  CLICK HERE



Does your dealership have an issue with fraudulent applicants filling out your prequalification web applications or credit applications? Now you have incurred the cost of the credit report and you cannot sell the person a vehicle.

700Credit’s new identity verification and fraud check can now be added to your web and in-store credit applications enabling you to pause a hard pull until a manager has reviewed, approved and allowed the consumer to proceed through your process. This will save you money and a needless hard pull on a customer’s credit file if the flags cannot be cleared.

To enable this option on your account, please email: or call:  866-273-3848.


We rolled out our QuickMobile Dealer App last year and since then have been making continual product enhancements to make it easy for dealers to receive and manage leads generated from their website. The most recent feature upgrade enables dealers to email the pre-approved certificate to consumers from their mobile device. 

This new feature joins a couple other released this spring including:

  • Email or text a prequalification form to the consumer to fill out and submit instantly while they are engaged.
  • Load the prequalification form on your phone and hand to the consumer to complete and get pre-qualified while they are in your store.

The QuickMobile Dealer App is specifically designed for easier management of a dealership’s soft-pull leads generated by the following 700Credit family of products:

  • QuickQualify
  • QuickQualify Xpress
  • QuickScore
  • QuickQualify Integration Platforms
  • Digital Retail Partners

For more information on our QuickMobile app and to get started today: CLICK HERE.


700Credit Partners with VinSolutions to Provide Integrated Prescreen Solutions

700Credit is pleased to announce our enhanced prescreen integration with VinSolutions, an automotive CRM provider of industry-leading capabilities that enhances every touch point in the evolving sales process. VinSolutions’ prescreen features within the Connect CRM platform provide a smooth workflow and seamless dealer experience from the integrated Service Appointment Dashboard, Customer Dashboard, & Desking screens. Prescreen data:

  • Provides dealerships with multiple points of visibility into the credit position of the customer before posting a hard inquiry on their file.
  • Identifies conquest customers from the Service Lane who did not purchase the vehicle at your store by providing amount owed on the vehicle so equity and payments can be calculated accurately in real-time.
  • Provides payoff information to quickly identify used vehicle re-sale profitably.
  • Helps dealers expand sales opportunities throughout the purchase and service process, shortening the sales cycle by aligning the consumer with a car they can afford at an interest rate they can be approved for earlier in the process.
  • Allows for ongoing marketing to consumers who have been identified as being in a positive equity position.

For more information on this powerful new integration, CLICK HERE.


NIADA/NABD Virtual Conference September 22, 29, and October 6

We hope to “see” you at the upcoming NIADA/NABD reimagined virtual conference in September/October.  We will have a virtual booth at the event and hope you stop by to say hi

More details to follow!

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