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Credit and Compliance Solutions

700Credit provides dealers access to reports from the leading national credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. All 700Credit clients receive their choice of the credit report format, scorecard and ancillary products.


Features of the IDOne platform include:

  • Red Flag ID Verification
  • A seamless workflow with results populating in RouteOne’s Deal Manager
  • Adjustable settings for risk tolerances based on your dealership’s strategy
  • Eliminates duplicate data entry by automatically populating your RouteOne credit application with data used from IDOne
  • Ability to auto-run IDOne every time a credit bureau is pulled
  • Automatically creates audit trails and record keeping

IDOne PLUS includes all IDOne features plus:

  • Synthetic fraud detection that evaluates a consumers’ credit report activity for synthetic fraud indicators
  • MLA Search and Verification

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Prequalification / Soft Pull Integration

RouteOne offers a prequalification web form to assist your dealership in driving more qualified leads from your web site. This product features a soft pull which provides your dealership with a full credit report and FICO score so dealerships can accurately quote interest rates and monthly payments at the top of the sales funnel. Benefits include:

  • Soft-pulls do not require the customers SSN or DOB and has no effect on the consumer’s credit file.
  • Dealers can access the consumer soft-pull data in the RouteOne platform as shown here.
  • Prequalifying a customer enables you to structure the right deal to get the consumer in a car with a payment they can afford sooner in the sales process.

Why partner with 700Credit?

Easiest, most automated credit and compliance workflow in the industry

Access to all three bureaus

One-stop to monitor and manage your compliance obligations

24/7/365 Support Desk

Questions? Call us at (866) 273-3848 or email