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QuickScan Integration

Immediate Identity Verification for Your Dealership’s Clients

Authenticate a consumer’s driver’s license and identity in seconds, both in-store and remote.

QuickScan Mobile Driver’s License Authentication

QuickScan from 700Credit is a powerful mobile document authentication platform that provides dealerships real-time confirmation of the legitimacy of a customer’s driver’s license and identity.

It can be used in-store, and is particularly helpful when verifying the identities of online car buyers and leads.

Each time an online customer completes a QuickScan, you will be confident that you are working with the person your customer says they are – without putting Non-Public Information (NPI) on your team’s devices.

Each Driver’s License Scan Checks:

  • Driver’s License/Document Verification
  • Selfie Verification/Liveliness Detection
  • Front/Back Driver’s License Validation
  • Synthetic ID Fraud Detection
  • Identity Verification Check