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In this edition: 
  • Product Spotlight: QuickQualify Xpress
  • Feature Spotlights
  • New Affiliate Partnerships: MenuMetric, Advent Resources
  • COVID -19: An Update for our Customers & Partners

Welcome to the next generation of consumer pre-qualification!

700Credit is pleased to introduce QuickQualify Xpress – our new web-based and mobile pre-qualification platform.

QuickQualify Xpress:

  • Only asks for zip code and last 4 digits of SSN
  • Generates more pre-qualified leads
  • Reduces friction
  • Provides a streamlined customer experience

For more information:

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700Credit has expanded the functionality of our web-based QuickQualify platform!  Dealers can now add our Income PreCheck solution to the soft-pull results. Income PreCheck:

  • Gives dealers instant access to employer-provided data that is as recent as the consumer’s latest pay stub
  • Helps move deals forward with fewer complications and last-minute re-negotiations
  • Adds additional confidence to working the deal

If you would like to add Income PreCheck to your current QuickQualify platform, reach out to our sales team:  (866) 273-3848.

To sign up for QuickQualify:


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NEW! Score Summary Dashboard

We’ve made some enhancements to the Score Summary Dashboard which is available to view by going to: > Usage Summary.  This dashboard:

  • Provides a comprehensive summary of your customers’ score ranges for each credit bureau.
  • Understand your average credit bureau score for each credit bureau to see which bureau might be performing better.
  • Shows how many credit reports you are utilizing from each credit bureau.
  • Identify how your lenders align with customer base credit spectrum.
  • Can be automated so that you can receive it in your email inbox on the 1st of each month.

700Credit is excited to announce 2 new affiliate partners to the family:

MenuMetric is a simple, effective web-based F&I Menu platform offering connections to over 180 popular providers for full eRating and eContracting of Automobile, Marine, RV, and Powersports products. Their products include:

  • MenuSelect™ – takes the work out of building a customized F&I Menu  
  • MenuMobile™ – puts the power of a dynamic, interactive menu in your customer’s hands anywhere in the world.

MenuMetric has integrated our credit, compliance and QuickScreen (prescreen) products into their platform.

To learn more about MenuMetric, visit  
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Advent Resources offers a cloud based, DMS, E-Commerce and Fleet Management platform that provides dealers with flexibility and customization, built with technology that reduces learning curves and maximizes dealership productivity and profitability.
We have integrated our credit and compliance solutions in the Advent platform for a seamless and optimized sales process.
To learn more about Advent Resources, visit 
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COVID-19: A Message to Our Customers and Partners

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we hope you continue to stay safe.
All 700Credit employees continue to work from home except in those situations where their presence in the office may be necessary.  Our team has the necessary equipment (multiple monitors, work phone, etc.) to effectively perform their job remotely.  We continue to monitor the situation and recommendations of our governor and the CDC and take necessary precautions to keep our staff safe.
We will continue to keep you posted.  In the meantime, if you have questions, please call our support line at 866.273.3848 or send an email to:

Thank you for being one of our valued customers. 
Your 700Credit Team