As more and more purchases are made online, are you maximizing your opportunities?

Brian Carduff – Co-Founder, MagiLoop 

Ryan Blasdel – Sales Director, MagiLoop

The purchase process continues to move online and customers continue to want an simpler more streamlined process. Are you and your team fully leveraging these trends to increase your application volume, increase the production of your people, and maximize your profitability? Spend an hour with the MagiLoop team and let us share with you what we have learned, and how a very specific and deliberate approach can dramatically effect your business.

About Brian Carduff 

Brian was raised in Wichita, Kansas and has been an entrepreneur since his early 20’s. In recent years, much of that focus has been on leveraging online behavior to create a better more streamlined customer experience that empowers companies to grow their business and gain internal efficiencies. Through a partnership with MCMC in Fort Worth, Texas, Brian and his Partners focused their knowledge and expertise, along with vital industry experience and perspective to create MagiLoop Credit. While the company is only a couple years old, the results we are seeing with our customers are staggering.

About Ryan Blasdel

Ryan has a number of years of experience in the automotive industry in management and personnel development. Ryan brings a contagious attitude to the MagiLoop team in helping our customers learn and evolve the way they function internally to grow their application volume. Ryan’s years of training and staff development are vital in his work with dealers both in training and ongoing coaching to help us understand your business and to ensure your team maximize the opportunities we can help create.