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700Credit Integration with eLend ID Drive Platform

Image shows eLend dashboard UI, with the customer line highlighted to show icons, along with the following caption:Quick and Easy Access to ID verification results, Compliance Alerts, FICO Score, Customer Status, and more.

700Credit is pleased to announce an exciting new product integration with ID Drive from eLEND Solutions, the industry’s most advanced data capture and driver license authentication solution for automotive retailers today.

This integration bundles several of our products including our consumer prequalification and prescreen platforms, and our suite of Identity Verification tools including Synthetic Fraud detection.

Building on integrations already in place between the companies, the seamless addition of the ID Drive platform means that 700Credit dealer customers can rapidly confirm identity and pre-screen their showroom clients through the ID Drive scanner at the beginning of the sales process. This shields them against fraud while providing visibility into the customer’s buying power upfront so they can verify their identity and provide customers with an accurate payment quote at the top of the sales funnel.

How it Works:

  • eLEND’s ID Driveauthenticates driver licenses forensically 
  • 700Credit’s soft pull prescreen solution, QuickScreen, can be automated to occur after the license has been validated. Instantly providing your dealership with the consumers FICO score, auto loan payoff information, current auto payment and interest rate, allowing your dealership to have credit insight at the top of the sales funnel.
  • 700Credit’s Identity Verification solution which includes our Synthetic Identity Fraud protection tool that uses proprietary logic and unique combinations of available data to detect the behaviors that are consistent with those of a synthetically created identity.
  • Lead information is instantly exported into any CRM platform with the vehicle of choice and sales agent appended.

Dealer Benefits

  • Protects your dealership from identity theft and other fraud that can result in significant financial loss
  • Maximizes opportunities for in-store leads
  • Shortens the sales cycle by 45-60 minutes
  • Quicker sales process improves buying experience resulting in higher CSI scores
  • Sell more cars! Prequalified customers are more likely ready to buy and have above-average credit scores, enabling you to sell more cars

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