Terry O’Loughlin – Director of Compliance, Reynolds and Reynolds

For over a century, dealers have depended on tedious, but legally required, forms and documents to paper-out vehicle transactions. Now electronic documents are replacing paper, bringing both advantages and disadvantages. What new regulations must dealers comply with for these new processes? What new protocols must be implemented? New technologies invite new liabilities in addition to the continuing legal challenges. This workshop will help you navigate this brave new world.

About Terry O’Loughlin

Terry is the Director of Compliance for Reynolds and Reynolds.  Prior to joining Reynolds in 2006, he was employed by the Florida Office of the Attorney General in the Economic Crimes section for 16 years. Most of those years were spent investigating and prosecuting automobile dealers, manufacturers, and finance and leasing companies. He led a task force that examined over 100,000 motor vehicle files. He settled with over 1,600 vehicle dealers for a total amount exceeding $15 million.  Terry was the mediator of Florida’s Motor Vehicle Lease Disclosure Act, a statute he assisted in drafting.  He has served as a consultant to the Federal Reserve Board’s Leasing Education Committee, an observer and advisor for the Uniform Consumer Leases Act committee, and a consultant to “PrimeTime Live,” “Dateline,” and various other publications. In addition, Terry routinely assisted numerous states agencies nationally regarding motor vehicle fraud.

 Terry has authored magazine articles for Consumer’s Digest, At Home With Consumers, F&I Magazine, Consumer’s Research, and Going Places.  He was published in the 1st edition of the Encyclopedia of Finance and Insurance Management and was also elected to serve as a member of the Governing Committee of the Conference on Consumer Finance Law.

 Terry graduated from the University of Pittsburgh and received his graduate degrees from the University of Dayton. He is admitted to both the Pennsylvania and Florida Bars.