Why a slow checkout process has caused franchise dealerships to capture only 20% of a $485 billion industry. 

Bill Bok – VP of DMS Sales, Dominion Dealer Solutions

Automotive Service is a $485 billion dollar industry but new car franchise dealerships capture only 20% of the business, while 3rd party independents gain the other 80%. In this session you will learn specific tactics that third parties are using to help drive revenue and key indicators that you’re holding your customers up in the service lane and how to pick up the pace and improve profitability.

About Bill Bok

Bill Bok is the Vice President of DMS Sales for Dominion Dealer Solutions. In this role, Bill has been instrumental in providing important dealer insight into the development of the new Dominion VUE DMS. Prior to joining Dominion, Bill served as VP of sales for Reynolds and Reynolds where he was one of the leading sales reps in the company. In addition to owning and operating a dealership in Ohio, Bill was previously an original partner at Dealer Tire, the leader in tire distribution throughout the franchised dealer network. Bill was instrumental in growing Dealer Tire to the $2 billion dollar company that it is today. Bill has spoken at NADA and numerous 20 group meetings, educating dealers on best practices in implementing and using the DMS to improve dealership operations.