Steady supply of In Market Customers utilizing Live Credit Data who are Ready to Buy Now with Geographic & Lead Exclusivity

Bob Lettis – VP of Strategic Alliances, 700Credit

70% of subprime and near-prime buyers haven’t purchased a car because your competition mishandles the sale. These are people shopping for a car right now and we can show you how to get them into your store! There are no better prospects you could target or spend your advertising dollars on!

About Bob Lettis

Bob is currently serving as the VP Strategic Alliances and Business Development. Bob has been in the Automotive industry for 12 years focusing on the Credit Bureau, Compliance and Pre-Screen segments of the industry. Bob has worked closely with Trans Union, Experian and Equifax in developing and growing these related product categories with dealers, dealer groups, affiliates and OEMs. Bob previously worked for Dealer Marketing Services as President of ProCredit Express, with a focus on CBs, Compliance and Pre-Screen related products. Prior to that Bob started in the automotive industry as the VP of Sales with NCC and was instrumental in their use of Credit and Compliance products. Bob graduated from Biscayne University with a BA in Business Management and from Monmouth University with an MBA in Business Management.