DMS and 3rd Party Tools should improve Work-flow, not Complicate it

Alan Heaton, National Sales Manager, Auto/Mate 

  • eDeal/eSign/Digital F&I – What do you need to know? Why is it taking so long?
  • How DATA flows in/out of the DMS, 3rd Party Tools can Help or Hurt Work-flow.
  • Duplicate Data is the Result!
  • Doc Archiving (EDM) take control of your Archive.
  • Use Technology based on your needs, not to maintain a revenue stream for your DMS.

About Alan Heaton 

Alan started working for Auto/Mate in 2010. Alan directs Auto/Mate’s Eastern District and Western District Sales Managers and their team’s, the Customer Success Team Manager, and the Sales Support Coordinators. Prior to joining the Auto/Mate team, Alan worked in the ERP Software Sales and Retail market for 18 years with roles as Northeast Regional Manager at a multi-line ERP software company, Regional Manager for an automotive software company, Sales and F&I Manager at a franchise car dealership, and has even been in the restaurant industry. He also has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Old Dominion University.