Online Retailing Platforms Have Promised the Moon, But Asked You to Fuel Their Rocket Ship. 

Bill Liatsis – CEO, CreditIQ

Online retailing platforms have promised the moon, but asked you to fuel their rocket ship.

In this session, we will review the ways in which online retailing platforms have posed problems, and discuss ways in which dealers can start achieving value — by linking online retailing tools to in-store process, segmenting, and configuring the flows to fit your store.

Long live Sales Process.

About Bill Liatsis

Bill has been in the online lead generation space for ten years. Previously Head of Marketing and CEO of Voisys, and now Co-Founder and CEO of CreditIQ, he is on a path to make the lead become the sale.

His experience in generating finance leads, and supporting dealers on how to work those leads (making lots of phone calls) got him thinking about making sales process work for online retailing. Having touched over 1 million finance leads, he is now on a war path to put together a process for his dealer partners to get more cars over the curb – profitably.