700Credit, the auto industry’s leader in providing credit reports, compliance solutions as well as prescreen products and services, announced today an enhancement to their existing integration partnership with Auto/Mate, a leader in automotive software solutions. This enhancement will provide Auto/Mate dealers with the ability to obtain seamless and secure access to prescreen data from within Auto/Mate Systems.

Auto/Mate provides one of the industry’s most powerful Dealer Management System and CRM’s. The prescreen data will enable auto dealers to accurately identify customers who are in a positive equity position and provide the dealer with their prospect’s credit history at the beginning of the sales cycle. The integration with 700Credit increases the speed and accuracy of custom quoting by providing immediate insight into the details of the customer’s current auto loans – including interest rate, payment terms and even equity position – All of this information is provided by using only a name and address. With this progressive soft-pull process, Auto/Mate dealers do not need a Social Security number or date of birth, therefore the soft-pull will have no negative impact on the consumer’s credit score.

“What we have seen by providing critical credit information to the dealer up front in the sales process, that the consumer can be aligned with a car and payment that fits their situation. Rather than have the consumer set their sights on a car, only to find out in the finance office, that their payment options make the car unrealistic, which then leads to consumer frustration” said Ken Hill, Managing Director of 700Credit.

“Another important aspect of this partnership is that Auto/Mate dealers will now also have insight into the consumers FICO score, the consumer’s monthly car payment, their current interest rate and their equity position on their current auto loan. As a consumer, who wouldn’t want to hear I can get you into this new car today with a lower monthly payment then you are paying today”

“We’re very excited to bring this new functionality to our existing customer base. By having live credit data up front in the sales process, we will place our dealers in a far better position to sell more cars and trucks.” said Mike Esposito, President and CEO of Auto/Mate. “Dealerships have enjoyed our existing integration with 700Credit for Credit Bureaus and Compliance for several years now, so expanding our integration to incorporate this new work flow seemed like a logical next step.”

700Credit is offering Auto/Mate customers preferred, pay-as-you-use pricing for its credit reporting, prescreen products and compliance services.