5 Ways Real AI Can Benefit Your Dealership

Derrick Disterhaft – Director of Dealer Services, Dominion Dealer Services

AI, BI, Machine Learning, Robotics…The newest tech buzzwords are confusing, and every OEM and vendor uses them in a different way. These technologies represent important software innovation that can reduce costs and increase revenue, but executives today need to know the difference between Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence so that they can make good business decisions — and avoid the BS. In this workshop, dealers will learn what these technologies are, how they are used in CRM technology today, how to differentiate their benefits, and most importantly, how to evaluate what they really need.

About Derrick Disterhaft

Derrick Disterhaft is the director of dealer services for Dominion Dealer Solutions’ Vision CRM. In his role he oversees more than 500 tier 3 dealership accounts with his team of 30. Derrick began his automotive career as a sales rep and has held several positions in automotive retail to include F&I manager, used car manager and service manager. Prior to joining Dominion, Derrick worked at Ewald Auto as the General Sales Manager. Derrick is considered to be one of the most savvy CRM users in automotive by many of his peers. Derrick has spoken at Digital Dealer, Automotive News and many other events in automotive.