700Credit and Astute RM

Benefits include seamless workflow and accelerated sales process

Farmington Hills, Michigan – April 20, 2021 700Credit, LLC, the leading provider of credit reports, compliance solutions and soft-pull products to automotive retailers, has announced a product alliance with Astute RM, a cloud-based CRM and communication platform that enables dealers and consumers to communicate and collaborate seamlessly across desktop and mobile devices.  This friction-free platform simplifies the sales process and provides a smooth workflow so dealers can complete sales quicker.

“We are pleased to welcome Astute RM to the 700Credit family.  Their innovative CRM and communication platform enables dealers to prescreen their customers and access their credit report information easily,” said Ken Hill, Managing Director, 700Credit.com. “The integration of our prescreen solution will give dealers a unique insight into their customer’s credit profile & estimated monthly payments on prospective vehicles before posting a hard inquiry.  With the consumer’s FICO® Score and equity on trade in, dealers can work the right deal, right away, putting the consumer in a vehicle they want with payments they can afford.”

“Our integration with 700Credit makes desking customer deals a quick and easy process. Customers expect efficiency and the seamless integration with 700Credit in Astute RM achieves that goal”, said Brendan Hurley, Managing Partner of Astute RM. “Our 20-year relationship with 700Credit gave both development teams a unique ability to create an industry leading integration. Using the 700Credit QuickScreen solution saves precious time by giving great insights into the customer’s credit profile right inside Astute RM as you craft the perfect deal.”

About 700Credit
700Credit is the automotive industry’s leading provider of credit reports, compliance and soft pull products. The company’s product and service offerings include credit reports, prescreen and pre-qualification platforms, OFAC compliance, Red Flag solutions, MLA, Synthetic Fraud Detection, Identity Verification, score disclosure notices, adverse action notices and more. 700Credit’s goal is to provide its clients with the highest quality data in a compliant framework in the most efficient manner possible. For more information about 700Credit, visit www.700credit.com.

About Astute RM
Astute RM was born out of decades of CRM and programming experience but redesigned for the modern era. After spending over a decade running and growing a legacy CRM product, founder Brendan Hurley has learned what features dealerships expect – and which ones never get used. At the same time, the changes in the way dealerships need to operate can’t be done using 20th century technology and legacy databases. The Astute RM design team led by co-owner and Lead Developer David Swanson designed the application from the ground up. The mission: to better serve the needs of single-point stores, dealership groups, BDC-based sales departments, mobile workforces, serverless infrastructures, and sales departments at an affordable price point that can weather any economy.

For more information about Astute RM, visit www.https://www.astutedms.com

For more information on the partnership, contact: 866-273-3848.

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