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Synthetic ID Fraud Detection & Prevention

Synthetic ID is a type of identity theft where a fraudster utilizes a combination of both accurate and false personal data to create a synthetic identity.  Our solution is designed to keep you safe from even the most sophisticated types of fraud.

Our solution helps dealers:

  • Find Previously Undetected Risk
  • Evaluate Consumer Behavior Consistent with Synthetic ID Fraud
  • Uncover Connections to Real Identities
  • See How Customers Score





The Synthetic Identity Challenge

When it comes to synthetic identity fraud, knowing there is a problem is half the battle. Unfortunately, many organizations are unaware of the presence of synthetic identity fraud in their customer portfolio. Detecting it is challenging because fraudsters take the time to develop their synthetic identity to mirror a real one. Our Synthetic ID Solution is built to combat synthetic fraud using a breadth of data and a suite of analytical fraud solutions to prevent criminals from continuing to hide behind their false identities.

Advancements in identity authentication practices compel criminals and their networks to constantly adjust their tactics to exploit opportunities for which there are limited solutions. Synthetic identity fraud is a recent example of this type of criminal creativity.

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