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Add Driver’s License Validation to the Top of the Sales Process with 700Credit’s QuickScan

Authenticate customer’s driver’s license and identity in seconds, both in-store and remote.

QuickScan Mobile Driver’s License Authentication

QuickScan from 700Credit is a powerful mobile document authentication platform that provides dealerships real-time confirmation of the legitimacy of a customer’s driver’s license and identity.

It can be used in-store, and is particularly helpful when verifying the identities of online car buyers and leads.

Each time an online customer completes a QuickScan, you will be confident that you are working with the person your customer says they are – without putting Non-Public Information (NPI) on your team’s devices.

Benefits of QuickScan:

  • Driver’s License Authentication with Selfie Comparison
  • Identity Verification with Synthetic ID Check
  • DMV Validation
  • Deal Jacket Integrations
  • Keeps NPI out of the hands (and off the mobile devices) of your salespeople and stores it in a secure environment in compliance with 2022 Safeguards Regulations

What our Customers are Saying


We use Quickscan for out of state sales. It helps raise red flags for fraud possibilities. We use for customers that don’t come in and e-sign. It’s not going to solve all problems but just another piece of fraud deterring tools. Very helpful and easy to use.

Marc Khoury
Houston Auto Sales

I have noticed that QuickScan seems to deter fraud.  We have had a couple customers that were acting a little strangely over the phone.  We sent them the QuickScan link and they came up with every excuse why they cannot do the selfie and picture of front and back of the license.  It is helping us weed through real customers and scammers.

Adam Clarke
Finance Director
Jerry Ulm Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram