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Empower your team with a FICO score and credit report at the top of your sales funnel.

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Leads with QuickQualify have a 30% higher rate of closing than leads with just contact info

  • QuickQualify is our web-based, lead generation platform that does not require a consumer’s SSN or DOB and has no effect on their credit file.
  • An engaging video and simple lead form help consumers to quickly get prequalified for a vehicle while shopping on your website.
  • Dealer’s receive a FICO score and full credit file making it easy to estimate payments and understand what the consumer is qualified for before the first phone call.
  • Our QuickMobile app makes it easy and convenient for dealers to receive and respond to customers who have submitted a lead form on your website.

Experian Boost™ now included with QuickQualify

How Boost™ Works:

  • When consumers enroll in Boost™, they provide Experian their bank login information. Their payment history is then evaluated for cable, cell phone, and other utility bills that can be added to their credit file.
  • Only positive payment histories are added to the consumer’s credit file and FICO Score.
  • Once the FICO® Score is “boosted” or improved, it is immediately available for any back-end credit report transactions, providing an additional opportunity for the consumer.
  • Consumers are presented the opportunity to enroll in Boost™ in 2 locations:
    • On the summary screen after they submit their prequalification form
    • In the “thank you for prequalifying” email to the consumer.

Win-Win Benefits

The addition of the Experian Boost™ platform to our QuickQualify solution adds a level of depth and value for both the dealer and the consumer.

  • Consumers increasing their FICO scores translates to better rates for the consumer
  • Increase sales for the dealer

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