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700Credit has announced product integration with Mobauto, a text engagement technology company. The new alliance integrates the 700Credit soft pull, prequalification solution seamlessly with the Mobauto platform offering consumers an opportunity to get prequalified as they browse a dealer’s website. Mobauto utilizes a floating widget that follows the consumer as they navigate a site. This persistent button makes it more likely the consumer will click the button and begin the prequalification process.

Introduction to QuickQualify – Prequalification Solution

QuickQualify is our web-based lead generation and prequalification platform that does not require a consumer’s SSN or DOB and has no effect on their credit file. A simple lead form consumers can quickly get prequalified for a vehicle while shopping on your website.

Dealer’s receive a FICO score and full credit file making it easy to estimate payments and understand what the consumer is qualified for before the first phone call.

Our QuickMobile app makes it easy and convenient for dealers to receive and respond to customers who have submitted a lead form on their website.

The integration of the 700Credit prequalification platform provides benefits to both dealers and consumers:

  • Dealers receive an immediate notification from the Mobauto app regarding the incoming lead and the referring URL that it came from.
  • Consumers can complete the entire process from their mobile device; upon clicking the Mobauto button and entering a phone number, they are instantly texted the prequalification form.

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