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Additional Complynet GCA Front End (FE) Courses

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GCA FE Courses

Use this web form for customers already enrolled in the required LMS Training and have shown interest in the Additional ComplyNet Guided Compliance Assistant (GCA) FE courses.

The table below outlines the Guided Compliance Assistant (GCA) Front End (FE) Courses.  The cost for these courses is $299/month/store.

GCA FE Course Name



How to comply with the CAN-SPAM Act when sending unsolicited business emails and text messages

Cooling-Off Period

This course identifies vehicle transactions that could constitute "door to door" sales that provide a consumer with an opportunity to rescind the transaction after a "cooling off period"

Co-Signor Notice and Late Fees

This course explains the proper notices that must be provided to co-signors for joint and several liability on an obligation

Disparate Pricing

This course identifies how offering varying pricing and interest terms can have a disparate impact that is discriminatory and illegal, and how to avoid engaging in such disparate conduct

Disposal Rule

This course explains the proper ways of disposing of customer information that is no longer needed for legitimate business purposes

Do Not Call

This course describes how to comply with the Telemarketing Sales Rule using the Do Not Call Registry


This course identifies conduct that is considered unethical and how to avoid such conduct


This course identifies the obligation that applies under the Equal Credit Opportunity Act and Regulation B


This course identifies the obligations that apply under the Fair Credit Reporting Act

Financial Privacy Rule

This course identifies how financial institutions can collect and disclose customers' personal financial information

First Payment Pencil Quotes

This course discusses the proper way to use first payment pencil quotes when negotiating a vehicle transaction

Fraud Alerts

This course discusses the importance of identifying and properly responding to fraud alerts on a credit report


The course identifies the nuances between various GAP waiver products and GAP insurance products

Holder in Due Course Rule

This course identifies the necessary disclosures that must be made to a consumer for assigned credit contracts under the Holder in Due Course Rule

Non Public Information

This course identifies what constitutes non-public personal information that requires protection under the FTC Safeguards and Disposal Rules

Red Flags Rule

The course identifies identity theft protection obligations under the Red Flags Rule and methods for complying

Regulation M

This course identifies the disclosure requirements under Regulation M when advertising and leasing a motor vehicle

Regulation Z

This course identifies the disclosure requirements under Regulation Z when advertising and selling a motor vehicle

Safeguards Rule

This course identifies how the safeguards that must be taken by financial institutions to protect customer information

Used Car Rule

This course identifies the FTC Buyers Guide posting and notice requirements when offering a used motor vehicle for sale

Vehicle Insurance

This course discusses the vehicle insurance standards that may be required by lienholders and lessors

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