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Accelerate your QuickQualify Sales Leads

700Credit is pleased to announce a new partnership with Full Throttle. Their ShopperSuite Technology can increase your web form conversion rate and provide you more qualified leads by following up with those consumers who visited your site and encouraging them to come back and “Get Prequalified”.

ShopperSuite builds 1st party cookieless household audiences from website visitors whether they convert or not, so you can send follow-up media and messages to them after they leave your site, exponentially increasing engagement.


Here’s How it Works:

  1. When a shopper visits your website, they will be asked whether they would like to share their current location. If they opt in their home and email addresses can be mined.
  2. Within 24 – 48 hours, ShopperSuite will send direct mail piecesmobile-responsive emailsdisplay ads, and social media
     to identified households.
  3. ShopperSuite will track how a customer interacts with your dealership, monitor how many shoppers have been mailed, and reveal potential opportunities for future mailings.

ShopperSuite is a great companion to our prequalification / soft pull platform – QuickQualify. Today, dealers who use our QuickQualify platform achieve an average of 25% conversion on consumers who fill out a lead form to be prequalified for a loan. ShopperSuite can increase that conversion and provide you with more qualified leads.

…ShopperSuite Technology can increase your web form conversion rate and provide you more qualified leads…

Why partner with 700Credit?

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