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700Credit Announces Prequalification Integration with Experian’s AutoCheck Vehicle History Reports

700Credit is pleased to announce an alliance with Experian to integrate AutoCheck vehicle history reports with 700Credit’s prequalification (soft pull) platform.

This integration creates a more streamlined sales experience by providing a convenient new way for vehicle buyers to make informed purchases, while aiding dealerships in boosting sales by improving customer insights at the top of the sales funnel.

How It Works

  1. A prospective buyer ready to consider financing who is viewing an AutoCheck report on a dealer’s website is asked if they are interested in “Getting Prequalified”
  2. The consumer will be provided with a prequalification approval from 700Credit
  3. These leads are sent directly to the dealer’s CRM and 700Credit’s Dealer portal for easy access

How This Integration Benefits Dealers

  • Ability to significantly increase the number of prequalified leads dealers receive

  • Credit file and auto tradeline summary enable dealers to drive a consumer-friendly purchase experience, shorten the sales cycle and increase sales

  • Increased insight into a consumer’s FICO® score and credit file at the top of the sales funnel

Why partner with 700Credit?

Easiest, most automated credit and compliance workflow in the industry

Access to all three bureaus

One-stop to monitor and manage your compliance obligations

24/7/365 Support Desk

Questions? Call us at (866) 273-3848 or email