A Welcome Announcement from 700Credit

Hello {{{Recipient.FirstName}}},

You recently received a letter from CDK Global and 700Credit informing you of the upcoming transfer of the CDK Credit & Compliance business to 700Credit.  

I wanted to reach out to you personally to welcome you to the 700Credit family, let you know I will be your account representative and to assure you that you can expect the same excellent credit experience that you’ve been receiving from CDK. I also wanted to share a little about what makes 700Credit so special.  

We’re the industry leader in credit, compliance, soft pull and driver’s license and identity authentication solutions for automotive, RV and Powersports dealerships, and we’re proud of our many accomplishments. We bring with us a history of in-depth knowledge of dealership credit and compliance needs, and a skilled team that is eager to help you through any credit-related questions & concerns you may have.  

As a CDK customer, you will continue to be able to access Credit and Compliance through the system as you do today and through all CDK solutions – nothing changes. In fact, 700Credit has been the credit engine behind the CDK systems for over 10 years. 700Credit has over 200 integrations with our affiliate partners, ranging from most DMSs, CRMs and Digital Retail solutions, including RouteOne and DealerTrack. Your first invoice from 700Credit will be delivered in May 2023 for April 2023 transactions.

You will soon be receiving a welcome email and phone call from a 700Credit representative to address any questions you may have and to discuss some new joint offerings. We provide a variety of valuable tools, including soft credit pulls, driver’s license authentication and synthetic ID fraud detection and prevention, so please let us know if you have any questions about the new solutions available to you.

I am sending my contact information and additional important points of contact for 700Credit:

If you’d like to speak beforehand, please feel free to reach out to me at the email or phone number listed below.

Welcome to our 700Credit family!