User Access Security

credit-reports-thumbWhen using any of our technology products, we combine innovative technology with practical planning to defend against security threats to this sensitive information. Our approach safeguards data retrieval as well as application hosting and data storage.

In order to provide our clients with secure access to our credit reporting system, we have built a system with features that go far beyond password protection.

IP Address Restrictions

Clients have the option to register the IP addresses of all computers that will be used to access our credit application system. This precaution provides an additional layer of client identification, enabling our clients to control which computers have access to their 700Credit account. Unauthorized IP addresses are completely restricted from our system.

Time and Volume Restrictions

Client specific time of day restrictions give access to their 700Credit account during authorized hours only. Volume restriction limits the amount of reports users may run in a given time period. Time and volume restriction may or may not be implemented, as preferred by the client. If selected, these restrictions help avoid after-business-hours attempts at intrusion, shot-gun system breach fraud, and unauthorized employee access to 700Credit.

Limit User Access by Function

700Credit has incorporated restrictions to user access within each of our applications. Different levels such as general user, manager, and administrator allow our clients to restrict an individual user’s access to specific areas of our system.

Security Alerts with reports

As a system administrator, you will receive security warnings that notify you of security breaches and potential violations including those violations listed above.

Data Encryption

In addition to using 128 bit SSL for browser communication security, sensitive data and consumer information is stored in an encrypted format within our database. Our dedicated servers are housed in a Tier 1 environment with industry leading expertise and experience. Our internal attention to security matters helps protect the integrity and confidentiality of our infrastructure, applications and data.

Automatic logout

Users who remain inactive are automatically disconnected from our system on pre-set time intervals set by administrators. This prevents client-site security mishaps, where often, users leave for the day, and someone else can gain access through their terminal.

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