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Welcome to the next generation of consumer pre-qualification!

QuickQualify Xpress simplifies web-based and mobile pre-qualification by drastically reducing the data entry required by the consumer.

QuickQualify from 700Credit was introduced to simplify the pre-qualification process by reducing the amount of personal information required for a soft-pull to be performed
on a consumer’s credit file. Now QuickQualify Xpress further reduces the keystrokes necessary for consumers to get prequalified, reducing friction and creating a better customer experience.

Available for both the mobile and web-based environments, QuickQualify Xpress asks only for the consumer’s zip code and last 4 digits of the SSN, before automatically
filling in the demographic information.

Benefits to QuickQualify Xpress include:

  • Soft-pull solution, no effect to consumer’s credit file
  • Helps simplify mobile transactions by drastically reducing the required consumer data input
  • Reduces form abandonment, driving more leads to
    the dealer

Generate exponentially more qualified sales leads directly from your website and mobile devices with QuickQualify Xpress.

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