Session Themes

We are pulling together a one-of-a-kind Summit specifically for our customers and integration partners.  The Summit will center around the three themes described below.  We have gathered industry  experts to speak on multiple topics that support these themes. You won’t want to miss this groundbreaking event!

  • Is your dealership’s website have a strong call to action to capture consumers shopping on your site today?
  • Does your website provide the tools for those consumers looking to complete as much of the car purchase process on line as the consumer is comfortable with?
  • What about your entire digital retailing footprint? Do you provide the consumer accurate monthly payment options earlier in the sales process – before they walk into your store?

90% of consumers start their automotive shopping experience on line.  80% of those consumers are looking at your inventory from their phone.  Consumers today are looking to minimize their time spent at the dealership and move as far along in the sales process as possible before stepping foot into your store.

At 700Credit’s Dealer Summit we will show dealers how to position their web presence to capture consumer traffic.  See tools from our top industry partners and vendors that utilize soft-pulls and other analytics to give the consumer an accurate quote of their monthly payment and interest rates before they get to your store.



  • Are you using soft-pulls at your dealership today? If you aren’t, you should be.
  • Did you know that soft-pulls can be used in multiple applications across your digital footprint – not just on your website?
  • Is your dealership utilizing soft pull credit data presenting payment options up front in the sales process?

Customers you are entering your sales funnel from many external touchpoints:  automotive marketplaces, chat, digital ads, email campaigns, digital retail sights, instore kiosks, mobile phones, etc.  We have a whole track dedicated to how you can put soft-pull technology to attract and retain customers much earlier in the sales process – both in store and on the Internet.  We will teach you how to capitalize on each of these customer touchpoints utilizing soft pull data so you can work the right deal, up front.

In this track we will teach you about new technology to keep your dealership safe from the every-growing threat of fraud and synthetic fraud.  Learn how to ensure your customers are who they say they are and stop theft from occurring in your dealership.  Learn from actual dealers who have been impacted by fraud.

Learn how to improve your stores work flow through ground-breaking integration between our credit interface and our industry partners.  Understand the many choices you now have today to pull Credit and Compliance in the software you are currently using.

Is your dealership ready for a compliance audit?  We will provide you up to date information on compliance requirements when pulling credit and soft pulls.

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