QuickQualify is a web-based, lead collection form that requires only the consumer’s name and address and delivers to your dealership a FICO score and full soft-pull, prequalification credit report.  QuickQualify generates 3 to 4 times the number of leads over a typical lead form, delivering qualified sales leads directly to your mobile device or CRM.

If you are looking for a powerful “call-to-action” for your dealership website, coupled with your customer’s FICO score and full credit report, this is your solution!  Your sales team will be empowered with the data they need to discuss qualified payment options that are based on your current lenders rates at the start of the sales cycle, instead of at the end, helping to close deals faster!

How it Works

Our QuickQualify entry form is short and simple – requiring only a consumer’s name and address – making it much more likely they will complete the form.  This is a soft-pull solution and does not affect their credit score.

 Consumers receive an immediate response if they are pre-qualified and as an option can be emailed a certificate they can print and bring to the dealership.

When the consumer completes the prequalification process, your lead manager receives:


  • a notification in the 700Credit Mobile App
  • a text message that a new lead is available
  • an email that contains the customer information with a secure link requiring a log in that allows you to view their credit profile.



The data is automatically added to your CRM and is available for viewing in the 700Credit Mobile App.

QuickQualify Instantly Identifies


  • The subprime customer, so you can work them the right way from the start.
  • The equity customer with a high interest rate and good credit score.
  • The prime customer who can take delivery immediately.
  • A motivated customer that has been recently shopping for a vehicle.
  • The service customer who did not buy a car from you, but is in a good equity position.



How you Benefit


  • Understand the credit history of your internet leads before your initial phone call with them.
  • Gives you better insight on how to prioritize leads by identifying your best opportunities based on credit profile.
  • Instantly appends a secure link, requiring a login, to view the consumers credit profile right from your CRM, making it easy to access.
  • Since no sensitive information such as DOB or SSN is requested, consumers are more likely to fill out the form, providing you with more qualified leads from your website than ever before.
  • By knowing a consumer’s credit profile early on in the sales cycle, you are more likely to hold deal gross.
  • Improve closing ratios by putting the right person in the right car and finance product right from the start.



QuickQualify Analytics

Dealerships can view reports on lead traffic and conversions generated by the QuickQualify web forms from within their 700Dealer.com portal.

These reports will show:


  • the consumers who visited the web applications
  • the consumers that completed the form(s)
  • activity from specific banner placements so you can monitor which location drives the most traffic to the lead form



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