Auto Summary

We are pleased to introduce the first automotive profile summary designed exclusively for the industry. Our summary provides a quick snapshot of all auto-specific information contained in the credit report.




How it Works

  • Current/previous auto loan history displayed in one location.
  • Displays the number of auto trade lines.
  • Shows monthly payment amounts and current loan balance.
  • Past due information highlighted in RED.
  • Payment patterns identified.
  • Available in all credit report formats.
  • NEW: APR’s for all open auto loans!

How you Benefit

Auto trade lines do not stand out or are easily interpreted in a credit file.  By providing all automotive-related information from the credit file streamlined and summarized at the top of the report, the dealer benefits include:

  • Reducing the chance for human error
  • Increasing the speed and accuracy in identifying and interpreting auto-specific information
  • Easy identification of past due auto trades
  • Better decision-making ability due to the streamlined reporting
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